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SJCDC Censored by AOL!

Its true. SJCDC is among the most recent recipients of AOL's censorship practices. Why? If we are to believe them, the reasons were attributed to the teenage son of one of our co-coordinators. However, none of her son's messages on chat lines contained "vulgar" language. They shut off the account that was used by the family in question, as well as SJCDC, twice without our knowledge, until friends couldn't get on our site and informed us so. The most recent was just days before the election. They cited chat-room activity, but could not even explain what was supposed to be so bad. Instead, they launched into their rhetoric about being a "family" service. We began investigating the situation pertaining to us, then the broader issue of AOL's overall censorship practices.

Whether they censored us for the absurd reason cited, or for the content of our web site, AOL's actions were reprehensible and inexcusable. For now, we have moved our site as it was, to our new home. We shall update it shortly.

We are very happy about the fact that we are no longer associated with America On Line TM. We are appalled by too many AOL antics to list here, but suffice to say good riddens to bad service. We recommend exploring the AOL Sucks web sites and their links. You can read accounts of AOL shutting down several feminist discussion forums, censoring the American Breast Cancer Society (for use of the word "breast"), harassment of Latinos, the English-only debacle, scandalous billing practices, and much more.

If you need more, there are numerous sites available via search engines, especially Alta Vista (search: aol sucks), including the great aol sux Web Board. We now view any support of AOL to unwittingly be striking a blow against free speech. We predict the eventual collapse of AOL and look forward to the celebration parties.


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